Why Wait the Entire Game when you can Cash a Bet by Half time. We are Dedicated to beating Sportsbooks and your Bookie in Half the Time of a normal bet. Our Logical System makes us a winner in half the time. For the last 8 Years we have been hitting over 75% in First Half wagers. As the years go by the better we are becoming. Line makers are accustomed to figuring lines for an Entire Game, but we figure what the line should be in 1/2 the game. Whether it be 4 Quarters, 9 innings or 3 Periods. We can't Count the Number of times we see team come together in the 2nd half of the game screwing you over. That's Why we Bet 1st half only. We Know which teams and what lines to look out for that gives us the edge. Start winning money in half the time; Seriously!!!


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